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Preparing your property for the snow and cold temperatures.

Here are a few things you should do before Old Man winter sets in:  inspect the roof for cracks, seal up any place where water may get in, remove all debris from the roof surface, clean out all gutter and down drains to prevent clogging and freeze up during the win­ter cold. The furnace should be cleaned and the filter changed: inspect all windows for heat loss; where the possibility exist that there may be heat loss, the use of a plastic window covering will inexpensively solve that problem. If you haven’t changed the battery in the smoke detector, now is the time to do so.  Now kick back and enjoy the snow.


The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum

11 Men;s Fellowship logo The Boys and Girls    Club

At our November 2, 2013 breakfast forum,  our Discussion leader. Jeffery Legette gives us a history of the Boys and girls club and expresses his deep love for what they do.   The Boys & Girls Club of Chester has been a consistent source of opportunity, encouragement, and enjoyment for the children of Chester.  One of the main focus points of The Boys & Girls Club of Chester is to supplement the formal school training with tutoring and mentoring. The Boys & Girls Club of Chester have a limited staff of trained and dedicated professionals with many years of service in the Chester Upland School District.  The club operates on a relatively small budget while trying to fulfill the needs of Chester’s youth.

The Club is designed to be available for any child who wants to take advantage of what the Club has to offer at the cost of $30.00 annual fee. The Club serves boys and girls ranging from 6-18 years of age.  The largest age group that it serves is in the age range of 10-14 years with 50% of the summer population are girls and we generally accommodate approximately 90 to 100 faces daily.  We were inform that although the club serve a large number of children in the city of Chester most of them can not afford to pay the yearly dues of  $30.00

Donna Northern give us a picture of how important financing is   The present availability, and the future survival of The Boys & Girls Club of Chester is the development of a stable, reliable, and consistent funding stream for the present and budgeted expenses of the Club.  We are constantly trying to be able to tap into the generosity of many major organizations and institutions.  We hope to be able to capture and maintain the confidence of all those organizations who have recently helped or, who in the future, may want to help The Boys & Girls Club of Chester with outstanding caring and action. The ability of the Club is to generate a consistent, reliable funding stream for both operational expenses and capital projects that will determine just how well the Club will be able to fulfill its desired mission. We are a non-profit organization.

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In the Spirit of ever one save one The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum is requesting that every man and woman demonstrate there love for our city and as an act of kindness to the children of Chester Donate a Christmas gift $30.00 the cost of one child annual membership to the Boys and Girls Club.  This is our city and these are our Children. Make check payable to the Boys and Girls Club of Chester and send to The Boys & Girls Club of Chester  Att/ Donna Northern   P.O. Box 1077   Chester, PA 19016

 Call Daniel Woods For more Information   610-872-7926

At our September 7, 2013 breakfast forum, our Discussion leader Ed Coleman challenge us to search our minds for our definition of what we believe a true man to be. Our answers went from long and exuberating deliberations to short and simple responses as giving by our youngest member Rahshaun Hunt he stated a man is someone who take care of his family. However one thing we all unanimously agreed on is a man should be true in his duty to God his lord and savior.  We were very please to have with us The New Pastor of Asbury AME church The   Rev. Dr. Stanley Gordon Smith Senior Pastor.


Brothers The Men’s fellowship breakfast is on the move: come join us together we can make a difference in Chester

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Mentoring Our Young Black Males



Our Discussion leader Brother Ed Fitzgerald at our May 4, 2013 breakfast forum took as his subject Mentoring Our Young Black Males he express his belief about how every man can be a mentor by simply reaching out to the kids in his families and his neighborhood.

Brother Ed pointed out some of the Proven Benefits of Youth Mentoring: mentoring assist in the reduction of youth Alcohol and Drug use, Teen parentage, Gang membership and Peer violence.

 Other Benefits to Youth of Mentoring are it improvement our youth interpersonal skills along with Self- confidence, Attitudes toward school and Academic achievement.

Brother recognizing how important it is for us to become mentors to our young black men: we are asking 100 men to become a mentor in the month of May and June 2013.







Mentoring Our Young Black Males

Labor Day

The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum

Each year, Labor Day comes and goes on the first Monday of September, and you may find peace of mind knowing you have the working day off and your children will be returning to school soon. However, do you know the origin of Labor Day and why it is a widely celebrated holiday?

Beginning in 1894, President Grover Cleveland marked the first Monday in September as Labor Day. This holiday is a dedication to the achievements of American workers. A tribute is given to workers in the form of a town parades, family entertainment, speeches, and of course, the day off. Emphasis is also placed upon the economic and civic significance of the holiday and how the American employees have promoted the nation’s strength, freedom, and leadership throughout history.

We encourages the community to remember these facts as you celebrate this historic and patriotic holiday. Whether you are a business owner, employee, or entering the job market, keep in mind that hard work and dedication to your passion will lead you down a successful path. The American Dream is still possible, and you can reach it with a strong heart and will to fight for happiness.

By  Montgomery Insurance

Chester Educational system

God is telling us something

President Obama is a true symbol of the United States of America. His presidency is a living truth to every little African American boy and girl in America as well as the rest of the world, that in the USA if you prepare your self and work hard it is possible for you to be what ever you want to be. Can it be that God is telling us something with the election of President Obama?

Breakfast Forum on February 4, 2012

At the Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum on February 4, 2012 the Brother had a very lively discussion on the lack of God in the School, community and the boys on the Street. What was most alarming was the knowledge that some of our young boys do not think there is a God.


It was good to have Washington George a man born in Selma Alabama on 12/31/1924 with a 4th grade education he served in the US Navy and in 1945 moved his family to Chester.  After coming to Chester he join labor union local 413. At local union 413 because of his strong desire to learn and his willingness to work hard: Washington attend Drexel Hill and Spring Garden Institute: and quickly became a supervise of men for the local.  What a testimony, he is a perfect example of Grace and humility in a man

This month, our discussion leader will be Washington George an 87-year-old retired foreman from local Union 413.

Join the movement of men

Join the movement of men: become in your Community mentors, role model or a father figure


How good and how pleasant it was on Saturday January 7, as brother of The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast forum gather together for breakfast in unity.  Bob Young our discussion leader articulated to us how important invitation is in our life.  And how his excepting of invite from mentors changes his life: he affirmed to us that his greatest invitation was to follow Christ his personal savior