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Legalization of Marijuana in Pa.

John Hanger, the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania governor Is calling for the Legalization of Marijuana however the larger question is will he make employee testing for the use of marijuana illegal, especially on job application. We must be very careful of candidates when they are seeking to get elected. If testing is not prohibited, the legalization of marijuana will have an adverse affects on the black community.


Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President of the United States

In 2013 a black man is not permitted to express an opinion that is different without being ridiculed, name-called and bullied by his fellow blacks.

After reading the open letter to Tavis Smiley I am dismayed that in 2013 a black man is not permitted to express an opinion that is different without being ridiculed, name-called and bullied by his fellow blacks.  The argument or difference of opinion about President Obama’s policy toward blacks  between Mr. Jones and Mr. Smiley, as I read it. If we honestly considered the subject and the two opinions (giving little acknowledgement or consideration to Mr. Smiley or Mr. Jones) it is possible that there is truth on both sides of the issue. But this should not divide us. To the contrary, it should make us stronger as a race. It is my belief that when black people come together the purpose should not be to hold one another down but to support whoever has the courage and ability to rise.  Strong black men or women must feel free to express different opinions and  yet still be considered warriors in the big fight for Black equality.

Father’s Day

Father’s day is not a day to scrutinize men or boys that father children but a day to honor men who have shown them selves to be  Good  Examples of  fathers. Please assistance us in elevating  fathers on father’s day





Florcy Morisset, is named the new Director of Programs for the Richard Allen Museum

Philadelphia Art Gallery Founder And International Art Curator, Florcy Morisset, is named the new Director of Programs for the Richard Allen Museum located inside Historic Mother Bethel AME Church on the corner of South 6th & Lombard Streets in Philadelphia. In her new role, Ms. Morisset has positioned the “Richard Allen Museum” into the monthly “Fourth Friday’s Arts on South” gallery tour organized by Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens and the South Street Headhouse District. The “Richard Allen Museum” will be open for free guided tours and special programming starting Friday, August 24th, 2012 from 5pm-8pm. It will then open every fourth Friday of the month, rain or shine. Visitors will have the opportunity to see rare artifacts and treasurers dating back to the 18th century, including the precious tomb of Bishop Richard Allen, the founder of the AME Church. Volunteer docents from the Mother Bethel Historical Society will be on hand to explain the exhibit and talk about the history of the AME Church, the African American community past and present, and the AME Church’s contribution to the African Diaspora. The museum is normally open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-4pm and on Sundays after the 8am and 11am worship services. This is the first time the museum hours will be expanded on a regular basis with evening hours. “Our museum attracts religious pilgrims, tourists, and researchers from around the world daily,” says Reverend Dr. Mark Kelly Tyler, Mother Bethel’s Pastor. “This is a great opportunity for us to share our rich history with an audience that might not have the opportunity to see it during regular museum hours. We are excited about the creative ideas and museum marketing skills Florcy Morisset brings to our team at Mother Bethel.” For more information about the “Richard Allen Museum” or Mother Bethel AME Church go to http:// or call (215) 925-0616. All media inquiries should be directed to Leslie Patterson- Tyler, Tyler-Made Productions, via email at Leslie@ or call (609) 247-2632.



Changing Chester

I offer up a big thank you to all of our young men in the city of Chester: who have committed themself to a life of service to the boys and girls in the communities.  These young men are changing the city of Chester at the grass roots and I present this to you as proof that the people of Chester will have a bright future.

Keep hope alive

Mayor John Linder Must Step Up

While the mayor is still love and respected in the city he must take control of this council through public opinion and the aspiration of the people of Chester to have a city that provide them with a higher quality of life. He must go back to the people and remind them why they elected him and let them know what he is trying to do for the city.

“Men’s on The Move”

At the Men’s fellowship Breakfast Forum on Saturday August  4th 2012 after a Big Southern Breakfast Patricia L. Worrell    spoke to the group. Worrell, who attended on behalf of City  Councilman William A. Jacob, is a candidate for Pennsylvania State Senator for the 9th District and the Chairwoman for the City of Chester Zoning Board.  Mrs. Worrell began her remarks by talking about the Pennsylvania voter registration law and how it would disenfranchise large numbers of voters in the African American and Hispanic communities. She explained that the violence in our community has festered because of our leaders’ hands-off approach. If elected, she promised to make some corrections.  We had a lively discussion around this issue.  As usual, the African American church shouldered some blame for lack of community leadership and for the plight of our children. Some thought that the government’s policies have been inhumane.  Not all of us agreed with this assessment.  Others believed that children should bear the responsibility for their actions when they can determine right from wrong.  In our discussion, we said that four types of children need different help: 1) grade school kids, 2) college kids, 3) institutionalized kids, and 4) “street-schooled” kids.

We all agreed that men need to pray more and learn how to communicate better with our children.  Also, we agreed that there is no one set way that we should serve our community.  We as men must find a way to make a difference where we have passion, personality-fit and ability.  Some of us may be good at intervening with the gangs on the corner while others might be better with kids in correctional institutions. Still others may have strengths with the kids in schools and churches.  At our next breakfast, on September 8, 2012 our guest speaker will be Robert K. Reed Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney, we ask every brother to bring a young man to the breakfast to share his thoughts.  This should be interesting.

People always ask, “What is the men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum doing besides talking?”  The goal of the Breakfast Forum is to communicate the need for an individual man to make a difference in his community,

to assist and motivate an individual in making a difference on his block and in his community.  The forum brings together concerned brothers that ask themselves “what can I do to make a difference?” At the breakfast forum brothers shares with the forum their experience in the community and what they are doing to make a difference.  We advocate for all churches in Chester to use their missionary groups in their local communities, with the same power and principal as done in foreign countries.  Our challenge is to make every man an example of a man to another man. We, like most Christian groups, hope to serve as a point of light and a ray of hope for our inner city communities.

 To be a part of the men’s Bring a young man to breakfast with Robert K. Reed Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney,  on September 8, 2012  call Daniel Woods  610-872-7926  

Email  home.value@verizon .net   On the web


I wonder why African-Americans

I wonder why African-Americans do not support each other in business. While other groups seize opportunity to change their fortunes by working together. However, many African-Americans when given a position of influence become complacent and refuse to support other African-Americans that want to advance their businesses.

Take the example of businesses in our community. In Chester, the Korean business owners can open up a restaurant that sells fried chicken and be more successful than an African-American owner who you would think has an advantage in cooking traditional African-American food. While highly qualified African-Americans have repeatedly failed to sustain a restaurant that catered to their own clientele, the Asians somehow become overnight success. Still more confusing, our people will spend hard earned money at businesses where owners disrespect them and fail to employ anyone from the community.

I have also experienced this non-support firsthand.  Since, 1987, I have been the only African American Real Estate broker in the city of Chester, which is approximately 75% African American. I have developed a strong reputation as a broker based on my special knowledge of Chester real estate and experience. Yet, the African-America led city government administration has never asked me to serve on any post or committee to leverage my expertise.  I wonder why, I wonder why, I wonder why.

The Power of the Mayor of Chester

Just Thinking

Would it be more beneficial to the people of the city, if the mayor of Chester had greater power than that is given to him under the (CHAPTER 11 CITY OF CHESTER HOME RULE CHARTER)?  Under the charter what authority do our mayor have to lead the city in the manor he was elected to do?  Think when we vote for a mayor we are voting for a man who’s ideas and integrity we trust and believe in not his political party.  However when he becomes the mayor he is enslave to one political party or the other and the struggle for upmenship continuum. God help us all.