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Jesus chose 12 ordinary men

The Greek word for the Disciple is ‘mathetes‘ meaning a ‘learner’ or ‘follower’. The word means accepting and following the views and practices of a teacher. Apart from having a large following of people, Jesus chose twelve disciples during his earthly ministry. The list is mentioned in Matthew 10:2-4, Mark 3:16-19, Luke 6:13-16 and Acts 1:13. The original twelve disciples are also called the ‘apostles’ (Greek – ‘apostolos‘ meaning ‘one who is sent out with a special commission as a fully authorized representative of the sender, like an ambassador). This bible study lesson lists the names and meaning of these disciples and their occupations.


  1. Peter: (Greek: Petros meaning ‘Rock’) – Peter was one of the most prominent of the 12 disciples. He was a natural spokesperson and also the leader of the early Christian church. His original Hebrew name was Simon, a common popular Hebrew name. Jesus gave him a name ‘Kephas‘, an Aramaic name. John translated into it Greek ‘Petros‘ meaning Rock. (John 1:42 – “you will be called Cephas.”) Peter was a native of Bethsaida (John 1:44), was the brother of Andrew, lived in a fishing town- Capernaum. (Mark 1:29) He was a fisherman by occupation on the Sea of Galilee. He was a married man. (Mark 1:30, 1 Cor 9:5)


  1. John:(Meaning – God is gracious) John was originally the disciple of John the Baptist (John 1:35), and  was introduced to Jesus in John 1:35-39. He was the brother of James and the son of Zebedee. He lived in Capernaum in Galilee, but most probably a native of Bethsaida. He was a fisherman on the Sea of Galilee along with his brother and father. (Mark 1:19-20). He was one of the three disciples, closest to Jesus, the others being Peter and James.


  1. James:(Greek Iakobos– the English word for Jacob meaning Israel or he who supplants his Brother). James was the son of Zebedee (Mark 4:21), the older brother of John (Mat 17:1), by occupation a fisherman along with his brother and father at the Sea of Galilee, in partnership with Peter and Andrew. (Luke 5:10). He was the first disciple (apostle) to be martyred. (Acts 12:2)


  1. Andrew:(Greek –Andreas, meaning ‘Manly’, man), was the brother of Simon Peter, the son of Jonas, lived in Capernaum like his brother, , and was a fisherman by occupation. He brought Peter, his brother, to Jesus. (John 1:25-42)


  1. Philip:(Greek – Philippos, meaning ‘Lover of horses’). He was a close friend of Andrew and Peter, and a native of Bethsaida (John 1:44). Jesus called Philip near Bethany where John the Baptist was preaching (John 1:43). He was the one who persuaded and brought Nathaniel to Jesus. (John 1:45-51)


  1. Bartholomew:(Greek –bartholomaios meaning Son of Talmai). He is mentioned in all the four lists of the apostles in the New Testament. There is no other reference to him in the New Testament. Nothing much is known about him.


  1. Thomas:(Greek –Thomas from Aramaic –te’oma meaning ‘twin’) He is also called ‘Didymus’ or ‘the Twin’ (John 11:16, 20:24, 21:2). When Jesus appeared to the apostles after His resurrection, Thomas was not present with them. Later on, when the disciples told him about Jesus’ appearance, he would not believe them, until Jesus showed Himself a week later. (John 20:24-29). His occupation is unknown.


  1. Matthew: (Greek –maththaios– meaning ‘gift of Yahweh’) is also called ‘Levi’ (Mark 2:14, Luke 5:27). He was a tax collector by occupation. Jesus called him to be one of his disciples, when he was at the tax office (Mat 9:9, Mark 2:14). He is ascribed to be the author of the Gospel according to Matthew.


  1. James: He was one of the apostles of Christ. He was the son of Alphaeus.. Nothing much is known about him.


  1. Thaddaeus: He is mentioned in two of the four lists of Jesus’ disciples. (Mat 10:3, Mark 3:18). In the other two lists he is variously called as Jude of James, Jude Thaddaeus, Judas Thaddaeus or Lebbaeus. Nothing else is known about him apart from the mention of his names in the two lists.


  1. Simon the Zealot: He is another disciple of Jesus. He was a member of a party later called as the ‘Zealots’ (Matthew 10:4, Mark 3:18)


  1. Judas Iscariot: He is the disciple who betrayed Jesus. His last name ‘Iscariot’ is from the Hebrew word ‘Ish Kerioth‘ meaning ‘a man from Kerioth’, a place in the south of Judah (Joshua 15:25). He was a treasurer of the group. (John 12:6,13:29). After his betrayal of Jesus, he grieved for his actions and committed suicide. (Matthew 27:5). He is always mentioned last in the list of apostles.


  1. Matthias: After Judas committed suicide after his betrayal of Jesus (Matthew 27:3–10), the eleven disciples selected Matthias as the twelfth disciple.Acts 1: 23-26 –



The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum presented the Confronted By Authority workshop for young men

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Things are looking up for Oprah’

Things are looking up for Oprah’s struggling OWN. According to the latest reports, the premiere of “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” ratings have been steadily climbing.

Other returning programming like “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” and “Oprah’s Next Chapter” featuring the Usher interview brought in millions of viewers.

According to ratings, OWN’s weekend premieres took the network to be No. 1 among all broadcast and cable channels in key African American demographics.

It looks like they know what they’re doing this time around.

For Giving Out Free Lunches

A Chester Twp  Woman Could Be Fined: talk about a good deed being punished. This summer, Angela Prattis has been handing out daily free lunches to about 60 kids in her Chester, PA neighborhood. These meals are the same ones they would be getting if their school was in session. Now she faces a fine of $600 a day for doing so because she doesn’t have a variance to serve food in a residential neighborhood.

The summer lunch program is funded by the state department of education and administered by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. But it is Prattis, who distributes the free boxed lunches in front of her home and provides an area for the children to eat, that is on the hot seat after getting a letter from the Township of Chester which demanded she stop serving the food or face the hefty daily fine.

Prattis could apply for a variance, but it would cost her $1,000 just to do so with no guarantee it would be granted in a timely manner.

“Apparently the township has said there was one more hurdle that she had to jump from their point of view,” said Anne Ayella of the Philadelphia Archdiocese. “But from our point of view she’s done everything right.”

“We’re talking about children,” said Prattis. “Children. It’s unbelievable.”

Prattis has vowed to continue to feed the children until school starts in September no matter the consequences.

What do you think? Is Prattis a good Samaritan or should she follow the rules?

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career opportunities for females with the Customs and Border Protection Agency.

For those with an interest, please see  career opportunities for females with the Customs and Border Protection Agency.
The CBP   is seeking minority (specifically African American) females to apply for Custom and Border Protection Officers.  I did not want to wait until our next meeting to share this information because we are trying to increase our numbers now.  The key requirements are: 
1.  Be between the ages of 18 and 36
2.  Be a U.S. citizen and a resident for the past three years
3.  Have a valid state driver’s license
4.  Pass a thorough background investigation, medical examination, fitness test and drug test.
Successful candidates that pass all the above requirements will receive 17 – 19 weeks of classroom and field training at the CBP Academy, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA.
The benefits are enormous to include opportunities to live oversees in our 15 different Preclearance locations (i.e., Canada, Ireland, Bahamas, etc.).
If you know any young ladies that would be interested in this opportunity to be on America’s Frontline, please have them go to our website
to apply 

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program


Low-income older adults and Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program participants can now use vouchers to purchase fresh, local produce at farm stands across Pennsylvania.

• The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides low-income older adults with four vouchers totaling $20 that can be exchanged for fruits and vegetables grown in Pennsylvania. The funds cannot be used on processed foods like jams, honey, nuts, cider or baked goods, or citrus or tropical fruits.

To qualify for the program, individuals must be 60 or older by Dec. 31, 2011, with a total household income before taxes of less than $20,665 for a single person and $27,991 for two people.

• The WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides vouchers to WIC recipients to purchase fresh, unprepared, locally grown fruits and vegetables from Pennsylvania farmers’ markets or roadside farm stands. Eligibility for this program is determined through local WIC agencies.

194 farmers markets and 1,195 roadside farm stands across the state participate in the Farmers Market Nutrition Program from June 1 to Nov. 30.

Search for a Farmers’ Market near you!

You can contact the local Area Agency on Aging at 215-765-9040, or WIC agency at 1-800-WIC-WINS for more information, including locations, dates, and times of voucher distributions.

Our kids are getting mix sign from us grown- up

900am wurd Mid Morning Mojo

I believe our kids are getting mix sign from us grown- ups: I think it was good that a young boy in the Philadelphia School System inform his teacher that a 12 years old boy had a Toy bb Gun at school and that a little girl was shot with it. He should not be called or indicate as a snitch.  The little girl could have been short in the eyes with this gun: the fact that a child did not tell her teacher that she had been shot by a bb gun in it self is troublesome and tell us some thing of her school environment: I believe there was an urgent need to get the gun in the hands of professional and out of the hands of a 12 years old boy in a school setting.  The Proof of that is the two boys were tussling over its procession and a little girl got short.


Holding a 12 years old for 10 hour can also be troublesome depending on where and the condition of the place he were held.





when a politician grants someone a favor

Just Thinking! when a politician grants someone a favor out of goodwill or friendship rather than from justice: this favor most of the time is detrimental to some one else.

Prostate cancer: Basic description, Prevention, Detection and Treatment