Man’s role in the church and his community

Elder SimmonThe Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum
10:00 am March 1, 2014 
Cost of Breakfast $8.00
At Sweet Lucy

In Community Hospital                         2600 West 9th Street, Chester, Pa.

 Subject:  The community

Man’s role in the church and his community

Brothers it is my pray that you would make yourself available this  Saturday March 1, 2014 to attend the anniversary of our Men Breakfast forum. we will have Associate Pastor Ernest Simmons as our discussion leader. He will discuss the man’s role in the church and his community. This should be a very interesting breakfast that you will not want to miss. Come enjoy the wisdom and wit that only a group of Christian men can have when we come together. We encourage you to bring a friend. All are welcome at The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum. I ask that every Brother make an extra effort to attend this meeting.


Ernest Simmons is an associate pastor at True Way Greater Highway Church (310 Lamokin St.  in Chester, PA). Ernest was born March 31, 1950 In Lane, South Carolina to the late Frazer and Elizabeth Simmons. He attended the South Carolina public school. He is employed by SEPTA. When you see Ernest, you are looking at one of God’s present-day miracles. He survived a near-fatal accident while at work on the Broad Street subway. By some mishap Earnest fell off the subway platform and hit his head on the high voltage


3rd rail. After sustaining several serious injuries, Ernest recovered and has lived to tell the story. Ernest is a man who will quickly testify about the goodness of God. Ernest is Married to Marie Simmons they have one son, Minister Ernest Simmons Jr.


 (Stand up Brothers) Come join this movement of Men        All Brothers are welcome PHOTO 212014

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