Confronted By Authority Workshop in October 4th 2014

The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast forum

Confronting authority Workshop in October: Our hope is to develop solutions that can stop our young men from becoming victims of police brutality. We need to help them implement logic and common sense solutions which focus on proper mannerisms

Topic: Confronting Authority for Young Men: Statistics show that African-American and Hispanic boys are being stopped and searched at an alarming rate—one out of every three stops lead to an arrest. Allegedly, Trayvon Martin was killed because he was wearing a hoody. When a policeman stops a young man it is often a chess game between Police authority and the young man’s mannerism. We will use a discussion on this topic as a mentoring opportunity

Target Audience: 20-30 boys between the ages of 13 and 20

Objective: Offer smart alternatives to confrontation when approached by community authority including:

  1. When, where and how to make a complaint about the action of a   police officer.
  2. Help our young boys fully realize the future benefits of living a crime-free life.
  3. How our dress can lead to us being negatively stereotype that will badly affect the rest of our life.

Date:  Saturday  October 4, 2014  9:00AM                                         Place: Asbury AME Church                                                                                      1712 Providence Ave                                                                                     Chester Pa. 19013

Phone # 610-872-7926

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