Councilman William A. Jacobs, Director of Public Safety:

ALThe Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum Org. March 4, 2009,

The goal of the Fellowship Breakfast Forum is to socialize while sharing ideas that draw on the wisdom of each other during these uncertain times. Our hope is To: Organize the men of the Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum for the purpose of Christian fellowship and social action. To:  Enlist and develop men as leaders and role models for the youth of the city of Chester. To: Encourage men to engage in community and state affairs. To:  Encourage inter-church connectional activities among men.   
Subject for Saturday February 1, 2014
Chester city Government
 This month, our discussion leader will be Chester city Councilman William A. Jacobs, Director of Public Safety:  “Al” holds a J.D Degree from Widener University’s School of Law, Chester, Pa, a 
Master’s Degree in Political Science, from Howard University, Washington, DC
 and a B.S Degree in Political Science, from Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, NC.  He is a 
member of the Delaware County National Bar Association as well as the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyer Association. He is also a Board Member of the Chester Fine Arts Center and a member of the NAACP.  Al has over twenty (20) years experience in the practice of criminal law.  Mr. Jacobs worked as an Assistant Public Defender in the Delaware County Public Defender’s Office.  Prior to that position, he was in private practice for several years.
We often talk about our elected officials at our Men’s Fellowship Breakfast. Now, we have a chance to have a direct open dialogue with one. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to share your opinions with someone who sits at the table making decisions for our city.
In the Spirit of every one save one
Please remember to bring your Donate to the Boys and Girls Club to help pay the annual membership fee for boys and Girls That can’t  afford to pay the membership fee.
(Stand up Brothers) Come join this movement of men
All Brothers are welcome
10:00 am February 1st 2014 
Cost of Breakfast $8.00
At Sweet Lucy
In Community Hospital                                                
2600 West 9th Street, Chester, Pa.

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