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At our November 2, 2013 breakfast forum,  our Discussion leader. Jeffery Legette gives us a history of the Boys and girls club and expresses his deep love for what they do.   The Boys & Girls Club of Chester has been a consistent source of opportunity, encouragement, and enjoyment for the children of Chester.  One of the main focus points of The Boys & Girls Club of Chester is to supplement the formal school training with tutoring and mentoring. The Boys & Girls Club of Chester have a limited staff of trained and dedicated professionals with many years of service in the Chester Upland School District.  The club operates on a relatively small budget while trying to fulfill the needs of Chester’s youth.

The Club is designed to be available for any child who wants to take advantage of what the Club has to offer at the cost of $30.00 annual fee. The Club serves boys and girls ranging from 6-18 years of age.  The largest age group that it serves is in the age range of 10-14 years with 50% of the summer population are girls and we generally accommodate approximately 90 to 100 faces daily.  We were inform that although the club serve a large number of children in the city of Chester most of them can not afford to pay the yearly dues of  $30.00

Donna Northern give us a picture of how important financing is   The present availability, and the future survival of The Boys & Girls Club of Chester is the development of a stable, reliable, and consistent funding stream for the present and budgeted expenses of the Club.  We are constantly trying to be able to tap into the generosity of many major organizations and institutions.  We hope to be able to capture and maintain the confidence of all those organizations who have recently helped or, who in the future, may want to help The Boys & Girls Club of Chester with outstanding caring and action. The ability of the Club is to generate a consistent, reliable funding stream for both operational expenses and capital projects that will determine just how well the Club will be able to fulfill its desired mission. We are a non-profit organization.

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In the Spirit of ever one save one The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum is requesting that every man and woman demonstrate there love for our city and as an act of kindness to the children of Chester Donate a Christmas gift $30.00 the cost of one child annual membership to the Boys and Girls Club.  This is our city and these are our Children. Make check payable to the Boys and Girls Club of Chester and send to The Boys & Girls Club of Chester  Att/ Donna Northern   P.O. Box 1077   Chester, PA 19016

 Call Daniel Woods For more Information   610-872-7926

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