We are moving deeper into a counter culture

The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast forum.
For those of you who missed our meeting on June 2nd 2014 our discussion leader Rev. Dr. Stanley Gordon Smith opened our discussion with the question, when you hear the word man up what comes to mind? And can Dr. King ‘s beloved community become a reality. After some discussion of Dr. King’s beloved community; he reminded us where we have been as a people. Pastor Smith reminded us of our rich tradition of us being Kings and Queens. Where are we now, we are a people without voices the NAACP, SLC are mute and who is at fault? We are moving deeper into a counter culture with a broken moral compass off. Music, drugs and violence seems to have taken the lead . Where do we need to go, we need to go towards a more Godly and Responsible Man: we need to move into action because there is still cause and problems. How do we get there? We can get there by changing the man in the mirror, renewing our minds – man up – pull out our bootstrap – get to work educating ourselves and the young with whom we come in contact– pass on a legacy – and give a damn !

6-3-14 Photo copyBrothers constructing a bond across the city by a connecting of the willing minds.

For your information at our next Breakfast forum of August 2, 2014 our speaker will be: The Rev. Dr. William Rocky Brown A Man of God, A Community activists and A Politician. Mark your calendar.

Call: Daniel Woods 610-872-7926   or    Calvin Laws 610-803-4511 

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  1. Beulah Dukes says:

    Awsome discussion in June. gets ya thinking. Cant wait to read and discover August discussion.

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