Men’s Breakfast Forum


The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum Org. March 4, 2009,

The goal of the Fellowship breakfast forum is to socialize while sharing ideas to draw on the wisdom of each other during these uncertain times. Our hope is To: Organize the men of the Men’s fellowship Breakfast Forum into Christian Fellowship and Social action. To:  Enlist and develop men as leaders and role models for the youth of the city of Chester. To: Encourage men to engage in community and State affairs. To:  Encourage inter-church connectional activities among men

The men’s Fellowship seek to bring men together under a mutual need for understanding and a strong desire to be united in doing the work of the Lord. Where there is hunger feed, where there is nakedness close, as God has been a blessing to us, so it is that we should be a blessing to our neighbor. We believe if we will unite our thoughts it is within in our control to bring about the change we need in our community. Come joint us for breakfast

Above All is Service   ( Below see pictures of our first  program)  

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