“Men’s on The Move”

At the Men’s fellowship Breakfast Forum on Saturday August  4th 2012 after a Big Southern Breakfast Patricia L. Worrell    spoke to the group. Worrell, who attended on behalf of City  Councilman William A. Jacob, is a candidate for Pennsylvania State Senator for the 9th District and the Chairwoman for the City of Chester Zoning Board.  Mrs. Worrell began her remarks by talking about the Pennsylvania voter registration law and how it would disenfranchise large numbers of voters in the African American and Hispanic communities. She explained that the violence in our community has festered because of our leaders’ hands-off approach. If elected, she promised to make some corrections.  We had a lively discussion around this issue.  As usual, the African American church shouldered some blame for lack of community leadership and for the plight of our children. Some thought that the government’s policies have been inhumane.  Not all of us agreed with this assessment.  Others believed that children should bear the responsibility for their actions when they can determine right from wrong.  In our discussion, we said that four types of children need different help: 1) grade school kids, 2) college kids, 3) institutionalized kids, and 4) “street-schooled” kids.

We all agreed that men need to pray more and learn how to communicate better with our children.  Also, we agreed that there is no one set way that we should serve our community.  We as men must find a way to make a difference where we have passion, personality-fit and ability.  Some of us may be good at intervening with the gangs on the corner while others might be better with kids in correctional institutions. Still others may have strengths with the kids in schools and churches.  At our next breakfast, on September 8, 2012 our guest speaker will be Robert K. Reed Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney, we ask every brother to bring a young man to the breakfast to share his thoughts.  This should be interesting.

People always ask, “What is the men’s Fellowship Breakfast Forum doing besides talking?”  The goal of the Breakfast Forum is to communicate the need for an individual man to make a difference in his community,

to assist and motivate an individual in making a difference on his block and in his community.  The forum brings together concerned brothers that ask themselves “what can I do to make a difference?” At the breakfast forum brothers shares with the forum their experience in the community and what they are doing to make a difference.  We advocate for all churches in Chester to use their missionary groups in their local communities, with the same power and principal as done in foreign countries.  Our challenge is to make every man an example of a man to another man. We, like most Christian groups, hope to serve as a point of light and a ray of hope for our inner city communities.

 To be a part of the men’s Bring a young man to breakfast with Robert K. Reed Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney,  on September 8, 2012  call Daniel Woods  610-872-7926  

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