I wonder why African-Americans

I wonder why African-Americans do not support each other in business. While other groups seize opportunity to change their fortunes by working together. However, many African-Americans when given a position of influence become complacent and refuse to support other African-Americans that want to advance their businesses.

Take the example of businesses in our community. In Chester, the Korean business owners can open up a restaurant that sells fried chicken and be more successful than an African-American owner who you would think has an advantage in cooking traditional African-American food. While highly qualified African-Americans have repeatedly failed to sustain a restaurant that catered to their own clientele, the Asians somehow become overnight success. Still more confusing, our people will spend hard earned money at businesses where owners disrespect them and fail to employ anyone from the community.

I have also experienced this non-support firsthand.  Since, 1987, I have been the only African American Real Estate broker in the city of Chester, which is approximately 75% African American. I have developed a strong reputation as a broker based on my special knowledge of Chester real estate and experience. Yet, the African-America led city government administration has never asked me to serve on any post or committee to leverage my expertise.  I wonder why, I wonder why, I wonder why.

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