Mortgage Interest Deduction Vital to Housing Market

Mortgage Interest Deduction Vital to Housing Market

The home mortgage interest deduction saves the average home owner thousands of dollars at tax time, supports home values at the community level, and helps American home buyers get into their first house. Supporting the mortgage interest deduction means helping families afford homes.

Having a tax deduction for mortgage interest makes owning a home more affordable because the deduction lowers the amount of tax you pay. U.S. Census data shows 37% of homeowners with mortgages spend more than 30% of their income for housing. Paying less for housing means having more disposable income for savings and other household expenses. Increasing housing affordability increases the number of renters who can afford to buy a home of their own responsibly; increasing the number of home buyers helps keep home prices stable for those who already own homes by ensuring a steady stream of new buyers.

How the deduction works In general, any home owners who pay U.S. taxes and who itemize their taxes can deduct mortgage interest attributable to primary residence and interest paid on home equity debt of as much as $100,000.

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