Now is the time to invest in single-family homes:

Now is the time to invest in single-family homes: mortgage interest rates are low, and single family homes are being valued by appraisers at an all time low. Home value is based solely on the number of able buyers looking to make a purchase. This situation is compounded by the lack of jobs and a poor economy. To an investor, however, this is the opportunity of a life time. In the market today, you can find well-built homes in good locations, excellent condition, and priced well below their value.  If you are in a position to borrow, borrow all you can. If not, form partnerships with other like-minded people to invest. Make sure you: 1) look for homes in desirable locations, 2) buy below appraised value, 3) do only minimal repairs, and 4) hold as rental property while waiting for the market value to appreciate. Good Luck




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