Our kids are getting mix sign from us grown- up

900am wurd Mid Morning Mojo

I believe our kids are getting mix sign from us grown- ups: I think it was good that a young boy in the Philadelphia School System inform his teacher that a 12 years old boy had a Toy bb Gun at school and that a little girl was shot with it. He should not be called or indicate as a snitch.  The little girl could have been short in the eyes with this gun: the fact that a child did not tell her teacher that she had been shot by a bb gun in it self is troublesome and tell us some thing of her school environment: I believe there was an urgent need to get the gun in the hands of professional and out of the hands of a 12 years old boy in a school setting.  The Proof of that is the two boys were tussling over its procession and a little girl got short.


Holding a 12 years old for 10 hour can also be troublesome depending on where and the condition of the place he were held.





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